Fireworks show

Dam Sen Park will display fireworks in 15 minutes on February 5. Prior to the fireworks display, the park will host a music show featuring famous singers such as Vo Dinh Phuoc, Hoang Hoa, Tuyet Ngoc Bao, together with magician Minh Hieu.

Cloud road

Street artists will turn the entrance to Nam Tu Thuong Uyen flower garden into a road leading to heaven by covering it with artificial clouds. Visitors can play with the clouds or turn them into a heart-shape present for their friends.

Invisible bridge

The park will inaugurate a 44-meter-long invisible bridge made from transparent material. As the bridge is located beneath the Dam Sen Lake, tourists crossing the bridge will feel like they are walking on the surface of the lake. Photographers of the park will take free photos of visitors on the invisible bridge.

Square of seven wonders

The park will put into service seven models of the world’s wonders at Roman Square. They will be situated in the middle of sunflower and rose gardens.

Comedy show

A liveshow titled “Spring smiles” will be held at Star stage from February 5 through February 10, featuring famous comedians Hoai Linh, Tan Beo, Minh Nhi, Le Giang and Gia Bao.

Stage performance

A bolero and lotto show will take place every afternoon from 3 p.m. from February 5 to 10, featuring singers Ngoc Son, Che Thanh, Duong Ngoc Thai, Vo Dinh Phuoc and lotto troupe Huong Nam.

Singer Nguyen Phi Hung, May Trang Band and K3 Band will bring explosive performances to the park at laser, DJ and remix shows on February 5, 6 and 10, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Tightrope walking performance

A highlight of this year’s event is a tightrope walking performance at Roman Square during the sound and light festival held on February 7, 8 and 9, starting from 7 p.m.

The sound and light festival will be attended by DJs Mai Nhi, Ti Ti, King Lady and singers Vu Ha, Nguyen Phi Hung, Vinh Thuyen Kim, and Maya among others.

In addition, visitors will have a chance to receive lucky money from comedian Hoai Linh, take part in a carnival, and join a photo contest.

The full-package ticket costs VND280,000 per adult and VND200,000 per child, including access to some games of the Silver ticket and the latest thrilling game Power Surge.

To visit the dinosaur park and aquarium, and use the priority lane, visitors can buy the Silver ticket at VND380,000 per adult and VND240,000 per child.