Ca Mau Crab Hot Pot

Ca Mau is an area with many canals so it is rich in aquatic products such as crabs, fish and shrimp. With available materials, local people make many tasty dishes, including crab hot pot.

To make the dish, crabs caught in Dat Mui Hamlet, Ngoc Hien District must be used because the crabs there are very fat. When it is done correctly, the dish has the greasy taste of crabs mixed with the sweetness of dried shrimp and coconut milk and the light sourness of tomatoes with the pungency of red pepper.

(Serves 6)
Crabs: 1.5kg; tomatoes: 5; dried shrimp: 100g; mushroom:50g; chicken eggs: 2; coconut: 1; ½ teaspoon of cooking oil; 2 teaspoons of shrimp paste; rice vermicelli: 0.5kg; salt; fish sauce; red pepper; pepper; eryngium; basil, water morning glory and some other fresh vegetables.

-Peel off the plastron of crabs and clean.
– Whisk the chicken egg.
– Fry dried onion, garlic and tomatoes and then pour the coconut milk and 3 tablespoons of water into the pot. Add crabs, whisked eggs, dried shrimp and mushroom. Add salt to your taste.
– When serving, boil the mixture and serve with rice vermicelli and other vegetables.
Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat – Photo: Huu Thanh