Wheel House Café

With a unique space displaying a lot of car replicas, the Wheel House Café on Phan Van Tri Road, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City has become a rendezvous for youngsters in the city.

The Wheel House Café was designed with a cozy, youthful and ebullient space with the red and green colours of traffic lights. The café lively depicts the famous film, “Cars”, through its interior décor and a collection of hundreds of vehicles, such as heavy trucks, racing cars and cars of different versions which are placed on walls or shelves. To have such a large collection, the café’s owner, a car enthusiast, spent more than one year travelling to many model car shops both at home and abroad to look for unique models.

A corner to display car replicas at the Wheel House Café.

Numerous car replicas displayed at theWheel House Café.

Paintings of cars in the early 20th century.

In the café, all tables, chairs and decorations are made from parts of cars. For instance, chairs are made from two wheels, tables from a wheel covered by a thin glass, a set of seats from a Volkswagen Beetle and lampshades from car’s license plates. A collection of license plates is also displayed in a corner of the café.

The space on the second floor of the café is quite different from below with soft light and a collection of screws, gears, pumps and tools, giving the feeling of entering into a garage.

It is even more interesting to enjoy a plenty of drinks in different categories at the café, especially W.H drinks which are named after famous car brand names, such as Mercedes – smoothie, BMW – squeezed juice, Lamborghini – coffee and Ferrari – a milkshake.

Tables and seats at Wheel House Café are made of car component parts.

The second floor of Wheel House Café is decorated as a garage.

Unique “wheel” seats in the café.

Wrenches, nails, cogwheels, pumps and other tools are used to decorate the café.

A decorating lamp made of car component parts.

Poster of a famous TV series in the 1950s – “I Love Lucy”.

The café is favoured by many young people in the city because it brings them relaxing moments. While enjoying delicious drinks, they can look at car replicas and learn more about famous car brands in the world through magazines.

Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat – Photos: Le Minh