Vung Tau aims to become a clean, green tourist destination

 Vung Tau, a famous coastal tourist destination in Vietnam, has stepped up efforts to improve service quality and become a clean city.


Vung Tau city is located in the south of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. It has the East Sea as its border in the east and the south; the Ganh Rai Bay in the west; and Ba Ria City in the north. It is 100 km from downtown Ho Chi Minh City (on the Long Thanh-Ho Chi Minh City highway) and 95 km from Bien Hoa City.

Located in the tropical monsoon region and influenced by the sea, Vung Tau has a mild climate and less windy storms. Vung Tau’s natural beauty has consistently attracted a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

Over the years, Vung Tau has grown rapidly, and has gained the reputation of being a safe, friendly and hospitable city. It has more than 1,000 tourist accommodation establishments of all kinds that serve about 6 million tourists a year. The city has been awarded the Certificate of Merit for outstanding performance in natural resources and environment management by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

In recent years, the city has made constant efforts to build a clean and beautiful green city, and has been at the forefront of ensuring urban aesthetics, tending, developing and protecting trees. This has seen the number of visitors to Vung Tau increased by 15-18 percent each year.

Vung Tau is now a dynamic, modern city, and information on it can be found on the internet very easily. Delicious food at affordable prices is another of Vung Tau’s attractions.

Vung Tau has many travel hotspots and services for tourists to enjoy their stay to the hilt (Photo: Đinh Hữu Ngợt)

Photo: Đinh Hữu Ngợt

The city has also achieved renown for organizing international events such as the Kite Festival, Sea festival, the Southern Trade and Industry Fair, the International Film Festival and so on.

Vung Tau beaches are always clean and beautiful, so it is an ideal place to organize outdoor events, or organize group games.

Vung Tau pays close attention to environmental sanitation, which ensures that its green, clean and beautiful landscapes are well maintained and contributes to building a strong tourism brand.

Photo: Đinh Hữu Ngợt

The investment in automatic toilets has not only contributed to creating a civilized urban area, but also to meeting the needs of city residents and travelers while ensuring the beauty of the city.

Vung Tau authorities have said that the city will constantly improve its quality and service to attract more domestic and foreign tourists.

Vung Tau is one of six Vietnamese cities that is an official member of Asia-Pacific Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO).

Photo: Đinh Hữu Ngợt

Keeping in mind that tourism is a spearhead economic sector that improves the lives of locals and boosts socioeconomic development, Vung Tau always strives to use its potential to boost its development and keep itself updated on global development trends in the industry, paying particular attention to being clean and green.

Phuong Nghi