Viet Van’s “Twin Artists” work won a silver medal in the “Couple” category, while his another piece “Identity” secured a bronze medal in the “Conceptual” category.

He was the only Vietnamese photographer that had won two prizes at the competition.

He also claimed the “The Top Portrait Photographer in each country” prize, as compiled by the organising board.

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Starting taking pictures in 1998, Viet Van has gone on to win roughly 100 international competitions and he has also judged several photo contests held in the country.

He has held a total of 10 solo exhibitions, including My Mum in Photometria in Greece, as well as other group exhibitions in Asia, Europe, and the United Stated, including the Fifth Exposure Annual Awards at the Louvre Museum in Paris (digital).

He was the first local photographer to win the EU’s Paris Photography Prize- PX3 for 10 consecutive years. He was the only Vietnamese national to be honoured at the Pollux Annual Award under the UK-based Worldwide Photography Gala Awards on four separate occasions.