Mai Phuong has impressed listeners with the song “I’ll Give My Soul” which features in the cinema project “She – Kings”.

The song, which was originally composed by Taylor Eros, delivers a message that honours the resilience of Vietnamese women.

By entering the Billboard chart, the song by Mai Phuong finds itself alongside other hits by prestigious global artists, including “The Man” by Taylor Swift.

After originally entering the Top 30, “I’ll Give My Soul” has since climbed into the Top 21 of the Billboard chart.

The recognition of Mai Phuong’s hit comes after My Tam had been the only Vietnamese singer in 2018 to break into Billboard’s World Album Top 10.

The Adult Contemporary Indicator Chart is published weekly by Billboard magazine and covers the most popular songs that are being played on adult contemporary radio stations across the US.

The chart first debuted in the Billboard magazine on July 17, 1961.