Vietnamese prefer travelling to finding a lover

According to a recent survey, 69% of Vietnamese tourists prefer to go on vacation than seek a love partner.

Người Việt mới, thích đi chơi đó đây hơn kiếm tình yêu đích thực

The demand for tourism has increased sharply. (Photo: Ngoc Cong)

The “Back to Travel” survey by shows travelling has become a priority for many people, above love and career development.

Compared to the 69% figure who prefer travel over love in Vietnam, the rate was 77% for tourists from Hong Kong, 75% for Thailand and 71% for Japan. In addition, 63% of Vietnamese tourists would choose a trip over buying a new car.

As many as 57% of Vietnamese tourists chose a vacation over promotion at work, compared to 89% in Spain, 77% in Japan and 77% in Denmark.

When choosing between spending time with family or going out, only 43% of Vietnamese tourists chose vacation as a priority, compared with 66% in Taiwan and 62% in South Korea.

To the question “When you can travel again, what are the most important experiences?”, 37% of Vietnamese tourists chose “the signature scent of the holiday”, which is a scent that awakens the senses, indicating that they are on a new horizon.


Fifteen percent of Vietnamese tourists crave the opportunity to dress up to go out and 36% dream of a romantic vacation. They seek not merely a destination but also a place to meet their other half.

As for impressions of trips, at the top of the list for Vietnamese travelers is trying new foods for the first time (24%), sun tan (20%), and the feeling of sand under bare feet (20%).

Meanwhile, 20% of Vietnamese tourists remember the feeling of killing time at the airport while waiting for departure compared to 28% of Korean tourist and 26% of Singaporeans. conducted the global survey of more than 28,000 travelers from 28 countries and territories to reveal key analytics around what they want most, as well as what they are willing to give up to prioritize travel in 2021.

Bao Anh