According to details given by the Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan, Pham Quang Hieu, the Vietnam Festival 2023 is an important cultural event that provides Japanese people with a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s land, people, culture, history, and specialties. This event helps to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and create a better understanding of each other’s culture.

It will also offer an exciting opportunity for the Vietnamese community in Japan and Japanese friends interested in the country to interact and gain a better understanding of one another, he added.

Hieu noted that the occasion marks the 50th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties which was established in 1973 and will serve to help strengthen solidarity and friendship, thereby contributing to development linkages in all aspects between the two countries.

The organizing board shared that this year’s event is expected to draw the participation of 140 booths run by Vietnamese companies and organizations, showcasing a wide array of traditional Vietnamese products.

At the festival, visitors can look forward to an exceptional experience with remarkable cultural performances from both nations. There will be something for everyone to enjoy, from traditional dance to modern music and more! Whether you’re a fan of traditional culture or modern art, the festival promises to be a memorable and exciting event.