Over 20,000 Visitors Attend Vietnam Expo 2023

More than 600 booths from over 500 businesses from 16 different countries and territories will be showcased at the Vietnam Expo 2023, taking place from April 5th to 8th in Hanoi.


The Vietnam International Trade Fair (Vietnam Expo 2023) is set to be a major event, introducing exports, high-quality goods, and products under the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program. The fair is expected to draw more than 20,000 domestic and foreign visitors, providing a unique and exciting opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services. This is an excellent platform for buyers and sellers to connect, network, and get exposure to a wide array of products, allowing them to explore new markets for their goods and services. Furthermore, the OCOP program helps local authorities to identify and promote high-quality, locally-made goods that can be used to stimulate economic growth and job creation.

The Vietnam Expo 2023 is a great chance for companies to make their mark in the international marketplace. With the support of the government, businesses can look forward to a successful event that will provide a boost to their business endeavors. It is an event that should not be missed and one that will surely benefit all involved.

 Vietnam Expo 2023 will take place at Hanoi International Center for Exhibition. Photo: Khac Kien/ The Hanoi Times

The 32nd Vietnam Expo 2023 will bring together more than 500 Vietnamese and international businesses from 16 countries and territories. Spanning across 600 booths, the fair will be divided into five significant areas—the international pavilion, Vietnam value and export, machinery and supporting industries, digital technology and e-commerce, and the food industry. This event will provide a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services, exchange knowledge, and build relationships with potential customers and partners.

The Hanoi Pavilion, with its theme of “Invest in Hanoi”, organized by the Hanoi Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion (HPA), will feature two exhibition spaces: “Export Promotion” and “Investment Promotion”. These spaces will showcase the city’s key commodity groups, including technology information, supporting industries, electrical equipment, and food. Visitors will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of Hanoi’s potential as a center for investment, trade, and tourism.

To promote and introduce the city’s potential, strengths, environment, investment attraction policies, and connect directly with a variety of typical enterprises in the supporting industries of equipment, electricity, and food, the city is taking a proactive approach. By doing so, it seeks to create an environment that is conducive to investment and provide businesses with the necessary resources to succeed. Furthermore, the city is also striving to foster a sense of community and collaboration between local businesses and government authorities. With these efforts, the city hopes to create more opportunities for economic growth and development.

The Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) of Ho Chi Minh City is set to boost trade and collaboration between businesses from the city and the northern region. At the exhibition area, participating enterprises will showcase their machinery equipment, supporting industries, and handicrafts that are suitable for export. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to gain exposure and explore potential trade opportunities.

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Besides, visitors will experience the chefs performing dishes at the booth themed “Tasteful EUROPE – Europe is Full of Flavors”. At this booth, culinary experts, food and beverage export and import companies, and Horeca [Hotel, Restaurant and Catering] between the Vietnamese and European sides will share their knowledge on how to create agricultural products and food products that meet the uniform standards of safety and quality set by Europe.

The expo provided a great platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to seek business partnerships and create new opportunities for economic development.

Last year, the 31st Vietnam Expo 2022 was a resounding success, attracting more than 400 businesses from 15 countries and territories. With the theme of “Step together in the digitized world”, the expo created an excellent platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to explore potential business partnerships and develop new economic opportunities. It was an event that not only facilitated meaningful collaborations between businesses, but also showcased the potential of the nation’s digital transformation.


Opened in Hanoi in 1991 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency and Vinexad Company, the Vietnam International Trade Fair (VITF) is held biannually – in Ho Chi Minh City every December and in the Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi every April. This event provides a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services, as well as offering an opportunity to establish connections and explore potential collaborations.