Dien Quan Media and Entertainment’s sitcom Gia Dinh La So Mot (Home Sweet Home) on family issues began airing on HCM City Television’s channel HTV7 on May 18.

The film, directed by Pham Tuan, narrates the life of three men from their youth to adulthood.

It features young actors Hoang Nguyen, Hua Minh Dat, Jolie Phuong Trinh, and Quoc Anh, among others.

“I can’t wait to watch the film. I have been expecting it for a long time,” said Nguyen Hong Hanh, a mother of two boys in Dong Nai province.

Gia Dinh Là So Mot started filming in February, but it had to be delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The filming resumed early this month.  

Actor Hoang Nguyen said, “The staff and I are happy that the film will be finally broadcast. We are working harder to catch up to the screening schedule.”

Since being back to work, I have slept less than six hours a day. I feel tired but happy,” said the 26-year-old actor, who is working on another sitcom Gia Dinh Vo Thuat (Family with Martial Arts Tradition).

Born in the Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) city of Buon Ma Thuot in 1994, Nguyen is a graduate of the HCM City University of Theatre and Cinematography.

He made his debut in the leading role of the 39-episode TV series Quyen Ru (Seduction) in 2014, which was warmly received by audiences at home.

He has appeared in TV serials like Nhung Ba Me Bim Sua (Young Mothers) and Me Rom (Motherhood).

In the summer of 2018, Nguyên played the leading role in his first movie Ha Cuoi Tinh Dau (Summer Ends, Love Begins), one of the favourite films of the season.

Comedy Producers Saigon TV and Hai Nam Media are filming their 150-episode comedy serial Sui Gia Dai Chien (Struggles of Intermarried Families) to catch up with the schedule.

A representative of the producers said: “During social distancing, we filmed in studio with a few members. Now, we are doing outside shooting to modify previous scenes.”

Directed by Ho Ngoc Xum, the film revolves around the troubles between two intermarried families. It features Meritorious Actors Viet Anh and Phi Dien, and veteran and young actors Huu Thach, Phi Phung and Hong Tham.

The series began airing on Vĩnh Long Television’s channel THVL1 in April.

Director Nguyen Minh Cao hopes to finish the second phase of his project Hat Giong Tam Hon (Seeds for the Soul) consisting of 200 episodes highlighting beautiful stories of life and love.

Produced by Tamstudio, the first 30 episodes of the project began airing in April from Monday to Wednesday on HTV7. However, filming for the next 60 episodes was postponed due to COVID-19.

Cao said: “We were ready for shooting. But everything had to be stopped. Now, we are in a hurry. Actors and the staff in the studio for filming may have little time for a break, and my staff for post-production are working day and night to perfect the products.”