In the first 6 months of 2022, the impact of the pandemic and price storms affected the consumption plans of young people.

Many people said that they no longer set a goal of material ownership such as buying a house or buying a car. Instead, they aim for experiences that bring spiritual and intellectual value, for this is what makes life more meaningful and complete.

Zing talked with 4 young people to listen to each person’s story of spending “worth the money” in the first half of the past year.

Thuy Tien (23 years old, HCMC) – 6.5 million VND to take her mother on a trip

My mother works as a tailor, often receiving products home to process and then deliver them to customers. In addition to going to the market and occasionally eating out, most of the time, my mother stays at home to support the family.

For a long time, I always hoped to be able to take my mother on a trip with my own money. But that’s the wish, I can hardly fulfill it because I get caught up in the cycle of studying and working. Like that, for many long years, my mother and I have never been far away together.

Earlier this year, I quit my job after 4 years of working. Mother’s orders are also dwindling. Both mother and daughter have more free time and the plan for a trip to Dalat starts here.

For the first time, Thuy Tien took care of all the travel expenses for herself and her mother.
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As a wish every year, I “sponsor” all for this trip.

The journey of 3 days and 2 nights of mother and daughter left me with indescribable happiness. Not only did I release all the pressure, but I felt more connected to my mother.

The cool and fresh climate in Da Lat also helps to improve the mother’s health somewhat. I realized that my mother’s happiness is also my happiness. After the trip, I am more motivated to earn money so that I can take my mother to more places in the future.

Spending money on loved ones, especially after going through the fierce epidemic period of the old year, I feel completely worth it.

Chu Linh (22 years old, Hanoi) – 2 million VND for courses

I am a graduate student majoring in languages, but have a passion and foray into marketing. In the first half of this year, I spent 2 million VND on courses related to this field with the desire to develop myself and serve my job.

Chu Linh deducts 30% of monthly income to invest in professional improvement courses.
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Accordingly, I took some courses on LinkedIn. Usually, I try the free version first. If I find myself suitable in terms of content and time, I will choose to pay for long-term study.

For me, the expenditure on study accounts for about 30% of my monthly income. This money is in the free spending fund that I have set up before, not affecting my daily life. Going forward, I will be taking more classes on business analytics.

In the past 6 months, I have bought many expensive items over 2 million VND. But for me, spending on education is always the most valuable.

I have no regrets or regrets about investing in knowledge. These courses help me improve my professional capacity and develop a number of skills such as content writing, photo editing, etc.

I don’t have much experience working in the field of marketing, but I am still quite confident because I have a solid grasp of the theory. I believe I can apply this knowledge in real work.

Minh Lan (26 years old, HCMC) – 8 million VND for vaccination

For me, the first half of this year is the ideal time to travel when the distance is no longer due to the epidemic. However, I don’t spend too much and also only go to some points in the country. Instead, I choose to invest in my health.

Before, I didn’t care much about health issues. I believe that when I have a disease, I go for treatment, not much attention is paid to prevention.

But when going through the recent Covid-19 epidemic, “tassing” the feeling of being a sick person, I learned to appreciate myself more.

Minh Lan believes that nothing is more worthy than investing in current health.
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I began to learn about dangerous diseases, with a high risk of death, there were preventive vaccines to visit doctors and vaccinations early.

At the end of March, with the advice of a doctor, I spent about 8 million VND to vaccinate the adult vaccine combo.

Essential injections include influenza, pneumococcal, pertussis, diphtheria vaccines… to help increase resistance to the respiratory system and protect the lungs.

Among them, some injections can cause pain, need to be injected separately according to the doctor’s prescription. The rest of the injections can be given at the same time, it doesn’t take me long to go to the hospital.

Vaccination is not only to protect yourself but also those around you. So, this is definitely one of my most valuable expenses not only for 6 months but for the whole year.

Thuy Nga (30 years old, Hanoi) – nearly 100 million VND for a trip to Europe

Earlier this year, I just finished the house, so I don’t plan to spend on travel. But one day, being introduced to Europe by a colleague, I decided to apply for a visa and prepare to leave.

After 2 years of the epidemic, I can’t “bury my feet” at home anymore. I haven’t been to Europe either, so was excited to explore this place.

With a passion for travel, the young girl is not afraid to invest in long trips.
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And indeed, after the trip, I affirm that this is the most valuable expenditure in the first 6 months of my year.

I used my savings for a 2 week trip to Italy and Switzerland. The total cost ranges from 90-100 million dong excluding shopping. This is also the largest amount of money I have ever paid for travel.

The trip brought me many positive meanings. I met many people who shared the same passion for traveling, visiting magnificent architectures, beautiful natural landscapes and trying new foods.

I feel even better after the trip because I walk 10km every day.

Most importantly, after my days in Europe, I feel that with only dreams and efforts, people can always turn dreams into reality. This will be the stepping stone for me to continue my journey to explore the world.

Source: Zingnews