Soi Sim – paradise in the heart of heritage

Considered as a paradise in the heart of Ha Long Bay, Soi Sim Island is famous for its pristine and poetic beauty with unique natural values.

Soi Sim – paradise in the heart of heritage
Soi Sim Island is considered as a paradise in the heart of Ha Long Bay.

Soi Sim is located in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, 12km from Tuan Chau International Passenger Port; therefore, visitors can take the sightseeing tour no.2 on Ha Long Bay to Soi Sim Island. Along this route, tourists will join several activities in other famous destinations such as Sung Sot Cave, Hon Ga Choi (Fighting Cock Islet), rowing or kayaking in Luon Cave and Ti Top Island.

Located in the core area of Ha Long Bay, a world’s heritage and natural wonder, Soi Sim is like a raw “pearl” in the middle of the sea, attracting thousands of both domestic and foreign visitors to explore and immerse themselves into the peaceful and pristine space.

The name Soi Sim comes from “sim” (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa), a typical plant species on this island. From May to August, visitors will have the chance to see purple “sim” flowers in full bloom over the hillsides and alleys, creating an extremely poetic scene. In the past, during the ripening “sim” season, fishermen and locals who are living in the bay often went to the island to pick fruits. Therefore, the name “Soi Sim” was born, and has been called so ever since.

Not only being famous for “sim” forest, this island also possesses a rich flora and fauna system with more than 78 plant and 32 animal species, including various endemic flora species of Ha Long Bay.

Soi Sim – paradise in the heart of heritage
The name Soi Sim comes from “sim” (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa), a typical plant species on this island.

Previously, visitors were welcomed mainly in the beach on the west side of the island. However, today, the tour to Soi Sim begins from the East pier, surrounded by a wooden bridge and more than 400 stairs leading to the top of the mountain. The guests will certainly enjoy a pleasant feeling as walking across the bridge while contemplating limestone cliffs with scattered strange trees and blue sea with whispers waves.

Continuing their steps, visitors will be surprised by the “resting places” on the poetic path, where they can embrace a poetic corner of Ha Long Bay in your eyes or capture beautiful photos.

Certainly, the visitors will be attracted by the gaps in the wooden floors and stairs as well as tree stumps and rocky cliffs that have been conserved intact. The natural and pristine beauty of the island has been respected and preserved carefully.

Soi Sim – paradise in the heart of heritage
The natural sea water morning glory flowers along the sandy beach.

With the aim of propagating and promoting the biodiversity values as well as encouraging the community to join hands to protect the ecological environment, a gallery and museum of biodiversity in Ha Long Bay is being formed in the valley between the two mountains of the island. With unique and different architecture, it is expected to become a destination not to be missed for visitors to Soi Sim Island.

From the top of the highest mountain in Soi Sim Island, a corner of the magnificent and poetic Ha Long Bay will be zoomed out. Especially, Ti Top is also a highlight which has been one of favourite tourist attractions during the journey around Ha Long Bay.

After exploring the western side of the island, visitors can be immersed in the fresh and cool water of the 500m-long romantic beach at the foot of the mountain with smooth white sand and gentle waves.

Soi Sim – paradise in the heart of heritage
Soi Sim has become an indispensable destination during the tour to Ha Long Bay.

Along the white sandy beach, the natural sea water morning glories with purple flowers promote the poetic and pristine beauty of Soi Sim Beach.

Soi Sim will certainly satisfy even the most demanding visitors, especially young people who love Ha Long Bay as well as the couples who are looking for an ideal dating space in the midst of autumn.

With the values in term of “one-of-a-kind” natural landscape and biodiversity, Soi Sim has become an indispensable spot for visitors to Ha Long.