The MV recreates popular Vietnamese legends about the Dragon Father and Fairy Mother, and Saint Giong, as well as well as dear images of parents’ love and care for their children.

Notably, the beautiful voice of Tan Nhan is accompanied with ‘Xam’ singing (ballads sung by wandering blind musicians) and cellist Dinh Hoai Xuan.

The music for the MV was mixed by conductor Dong Quang Vinh and the MV was directed by Tran Xuan Chung.

According to conductor Dong Quang Vinh, Tan Nhan has a soprano voice like the voice of the mother, while the cello performed by Dinh Hoai Xuan produces bass sounds like the voice of the father. While being mixed with the pentatonic scale of Vietnamese traditional music and the recorded performance of late accredited ‘Xam’ singer Ha Thi Cau, the contrast generates an amazing harmony between Eastern and Western music.

Tan Nhan was born in 1982 in the northern province of Ha Nam. She won the category of folk songs at the Morning Star national singing contest in 2005. She now works as a lecturer and Deputy Head of the Department of Vocal Music under the Vietnam National Academy of Music.