Seminar focuses on Vietnam-India joint civilisation heritage

NDO – The Indian Embassy in Vietnam in conjunction with the Vietnam-India Friendship Association’s Da Nang city chapter jointly held a seminar on the common civilisation heritage of Vietnam and India in the central city, on August 25.


Speeches delivered at the seminar focused on clarifying the culture-related connection between Vietnam and India in the past, exploring each country’s efforts to preserve their cultural heritage, and improving public awareness of, and responsibility for, conserving and promoting the two countries’ joint civilisation heritage.

Director General of India’s National Museum B.R. Mani provided the participants with an insight into the bilateral cultural relations, reflected through architecture, sculpture and handwriting, between India and the ancient kingdom of Champa in Vietnam.

Venerable Thich Duc Thien, General Secretary of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, emphasised that typical Buddhist sites in the three regions of Vietnam, including Phat Tich pagoda in the north, the Dong Duong Buddhist Institute in the central region, and Buddhist objects found at Oc Eo cultural relic sites in the south, show a connection with India’s culture.

Associate Professor and Doctor Thanh Phan from the Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City stressed the need to employ a specific research programme and conservation project to promote the value of India’s civilisation heritage in the life of the Cham ethnic group in Vietnam.