Seaweed sweet soup – a cure for the summer heat

A combination of green beans and seaweed, 'che dau xanh rong bien' is a perfect blend of land and sea, bringing natural fresh nutrients and a delightful flavour to eaters.

Seaweed sweet soup - a cure for the summer heat

People don’t usually see seaweed as an ingredient for making sweet soup, but in fact, it can be really delicious when cooked in the right way.

Seaweed is also very good for your health. It balances the temperature inside your body, and is especially good for those super hot days of summer.

To have a delicious cup of seaweed – bean sweet soup, everything has to be well prepared. First of all, the most important thing is selecting the seaweed. There are more than 800 kinds of seaweed in Vietnam, and each has a different use. The most suitable kind to make the sweet soup is ‘dried ear seaweed’, which has been widely used in cooking.


Second comes the green bean. The beans must be soaked in warm water to make them softer before being cooked and stirred carefully until they become even softer and thicker.

The soft beans are then mixed with fresh seaweed, black jelly, sweet pearls, coconut and coconut milk are added; all the elements are combined to create an amazing flavour which can blow away the hot wind of summer at the first sip. VNS