Project aims to create inclusive and sustainable growth in Vietnamese heritage

NDO - The British Council in Vietnam has recently launched the ‘Heritage of Future Past’, a cultural project which aims to promote inclusive and sustainable growth in Vietnamese heritage, as an event to mark the 25th anniversary of the British Council’s work in Vietnam.


The two-year project will engage with the music and film heritage of Vietnam, with particular focus on aspects that are under threat, disappearing, or under-represented.

The project will attract the participation of a wide range of partners, including cultural heritage agencies, institutions of central and local authorities, arts and cultural organisations, and the private sector.

Project activities will focus on research, documentation, conservation, training and capacity building, experimentation and innovation, education and the re-imagination and revitalisation of cultural heritage assets in contemporary practises.

Ultimately, the project will promote a more dynamic understanding, enjoyment, and use of heritage assets in the everyday life of communities and in artistic, curatorial, and educational practises.

The project is also expected to lay the foundations for experts and artists from UK and Vietnam to work together and increase their understanding of the cultures of each country.