The objectives of the programme is to continue expanding the movement in a deep, high quality, effective and practical manner, creating positive changes in building the modern Vietnamese culture imbued with national identity, optimising the cultural strength to inspire patriotism and national pride as well as the desire for a prosperous and happy country, ensuring sustainable development, international integration and national defence.

At the same time, it aims to promote the role of the movement in the development of culture in rural areas and new-style rural area building.

Specifically, the programme sets a target that 100 percent of provincial-level administration units have three cultural facilities – cultural centre, museum and library, and 100 percent of communes, wards and townships have entertainment centres for the youth, adolescence and children, and 80 percent of families secure the title of cultural family.

Alongside, 70 percent of locals in mountainous and ethnic minority-inhabited areas are expected to enjoy a higher level of cultural benefits, and engage stronger in cultural activities. At the same time, 70 percent of district and communal-level administration units are hoped to have culture-sport centre.

To this end, the programme gives a number of measures, including building a healthy cultural environment in families, schools, residential areas, Party and State agencies, organisations and businesses as well as in the cyberspace.

It underlines the need to diversify cultural forms and culture-sport clubs at grassroots level, reforming and developing the contents of cultural activities, and promoting the growth of the movement of building cultural families and residential areas as well as the campaign to build new-style rural and civilised urban areas.