The exhibition takes place at three venues with more than 200 unique photos, in order to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere, meeting the entertainment needs of the Ho Chi Minh City’s public during the traditional Lunar New Year 2021.

The event is expected to contribute to motivating the people to promote patriotic emulation movements, contributing to the successful implementation of the Resolution of the 11st Congress of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, promoting the celebration of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

At Lam Son Park, the 2-part exhibition showcases more than 100 selected photos. With the theme "Communist Party of Vietnam – Historical Marks", the first part introduces the birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3, 1930); portraits of the General Secretaries of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee and the First Secretary of the Party through the Party congresses and periods from the date of its establishment up to now.

The second part has the theme "Building our country to become even more dignified and bigger" , and introduces othe utstanding achievements in the fields of politics, the economy and the culture, education, and health of the country; information on some results of the 11st Ho Chi Minh City Party Congress for the term 2020-2025; outstanding events in Ho Chi Minh City in 2020; and the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City before new year 2021.

At the same time, at Dong Khoi Street, an exhibition with the theme "Ho Chi Minh City welcomes the new year 2021". The exhibition displays 70 photos marking a number of large-scale projects in the city that have made an important contribution to socio-economic development, urban construction, and showing the vitality of Ho Chi Minh City in its integration trend with the world.

In the area opposite Chi Lang Park is a photo exhibition with the theme "City in Spring" with 50 photos showcasing the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City before the New Year with festival as well as cultural and sporting activities to welcome 2021 in the area.

In order to ensure safety against the COVID-19 epidemic, the exhibition will not not hold an opening ribbon cutting ceremony. People visiting the exhibition area are expected to take anti-epidemic measures. The exhibition will run until February 28, 2021.