The opening ceremony is scheduled for the evening of June 16th.

On the occasion, the locality will hold a ceremony to receive UNESCO’s certificate recognizing the pottery-making art of the Cham ethnic people as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.

The festival will feature a series of exciting events, including a seminar where grape farmers, businesses, scientists, and wine producers will unite to share their knowledge and experience on developing the value of grape trees and grape products. Additionally, there will be a workshop dedicated to preserving and upholding the values of the Cham ethnic people’s pottery making art. Last but not least, the festival will also include a local cuisine festival that will surely delight your taste buds!

Besides a cycling race, an off-road car and motorcycle race on sand dunes, visits to fragrant grape orchards, the renowned Bau Truc pottery village, the world-renowned Nui Chua national park biosphere reserve, and a spectacular street music show, visitors can look forward to an exciting and peaceful entertainment experience.

Activities during the festival are designed to respond to the 2023 National Tourism Year’s theme of “Binh Thuan – Green Convergence”. These activities have been created to allow visitors to explore the beauty of the region and to learn more about the culture and traditions of the local people. There will be a range of activities to participate in, such as traditional folk games, music and dance performances, and various art and craft workshops. There will also be eco-tourism activities such as bird watching, visiting traditional handicraft villages, and exploring the local flora and fauna. Additionally, visitors will be able to take part in a variety of culinary experiences, such as tasting local specialties and learning how to make traditional dishes. Through these activities, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of Binh Thuan’s unique culture and natural environment.

Grapes were introduced to Ninh Thuan province, in Vietnam, during the 1960s. The area has a hot, dry climate and sandy soil, making it an ideal place for grape cultivation. As a result, grapes have become a unique agricultural product in the region.

Ninh Thuan grapes have been recognized for their geographical indication by the National Office of Intellectual Property. This certification is a testament to the unique characteristics of these grapes, which are grown in the Ninh Thuan province of Vietnam, and are highly sought-after for their distinctive flavor and aroma. The certification is a significant milestone for the local farmers, who are now able to benefit from the increased demand for their produce.

This year, the province is planning to significantly expand its grape cultivation area to 1,115 hectares and provide the market with over 27,600 tonnes of fresh grapes. With this expansion, the province expects to create more agricultural job opportunities and boost its grape production. Furthermore, this increase in grape production is expected to help the province meet the growing demand for fresh grapes from consumers.