These members, aged between 14 and 25, come from high schools, colleges and universities across the country, and share a love for traditional musical instruments. The project’s latest live concert excited audiences in Hanoi with performances combining traditional and modern elements.

The opening performance of Hue royal court music had creative and upbeat music arrangement, yet maintained its original sound. Tran Tram Anh, head organizer and head of the project’s specialized department, said, “The “Refined Melody” project does not focus on purely traditional music but combines traditional and modern musical instruments to attract more young people, and at the same time, teach them about traditional music.”

The concert highlight was “Still waiting” by Quach Mai Thy, winner of the folk music category of the Morning Rendezvous singing contest in 2019. The singer, who pursues contemporary folk music, wowed the audience with her heart-wrenching voice in a mash-up of a Cheo excerpt and a modern song. The 28-year-old singer said she will continue to bring traditional music closer to young audience.

She said that each artist is seeking his own way to reach more young audiences and inspire them to love traditional music.  

“I myself use Vietnamese folk music elements and a contemporary way of singing to make it more pop music. Once they are interested in my music, they are more likely to listen to it more often. I’ll use more ancient music in my products,” said Thy.

Rappers FRESHLYRC ft. GTM x LIL’ KANI  brought an explosive performance to the stage that also introduced a new approach to traditional music.

“The blending of traditional and modern music remains unpopular in the hip-hop and underground scene. That’s why we want to do something new to inspire and motivate other indie artists,” said LIL’ KANI. 

Public response to such a combination is beyond expectations. Chu Quoc Dat of Hanoi said, “The initiative gives young people the chance to learn both traditional and modern culture. I support and often talk with my children about their favorite music to better understand them.”     

University student Nguyen Xuan Thanh, said, “I’m deeply impressed by the performances. Traditional music and modern music get on very well. When they are combined, they neither confront each other nor lose their own characteristics but are complementary instead.”   

People’s Artist Thanh Ngoan emphasized that such a project as “Refined Melody” will help preserve and promote traditional music. 

“Many artists have managed to bring traditional music closer to the young audience. This is a very good way to popularize traditional arts including popular opera, classical opera, and reformed opera,” she noted.