The activity is part of the NASA Vietnam week – Binh Dinh 2023, slated for June 8 and 9, Nguyen Huu Ha, deputy director of the Binh Dinh Department of Science and Technology said on Monday. He added that the province has issued a plan to organize the event.

The NASA Vietnam Week – Binh Dinh 2023 will feature an exciting Astronaut Talk Show, set to be held at the provincial convention center. This will be complemented by the NASA STEM DAY – Starry Night program, planned to take place at the Center for Scientific Discovery and Innovation and the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education. Be sure to join us for these unique events and gain insights into the world of space exploration!

The event is aimed at providing the next generation with the scientific progress of NASA. Astronauts will also provide exciting stories about life in space and share their knowledge of the universe.

Scientific studies about how to protect the Earth, reduce environmental pollution, warn of the risks of collisions between planets, and seek life outside the Blue Planet will be shared at the event. By learning more about these topics, attendees can gain a better understanding of the planet we inhabit and how to protect it. Additionally, discussions about the potential for discovering extraterrestrial life will be held, offering a unique opportunity to explore this intriguing possibility.

“The program will ignite the youth’s passion for science and exploration of the world around them,” Ha added.

It will help in career orientation and boost creative thinking among students through engaging educational activities.

This will be the first time for NASA to send its astronauts to a Southeast Asian country.

Binh Dinh and Hau Giang provinces in Southern Vietnam were selected to host the highly anticipated event. This marks a significant milestone in the history of the region, as both provinces are renowned for their captivating natural beauty and vibrant culture. Visitors to the event can expect to explore the area’s stunning landscape, experience traditional customs, and discover a range of cultural attractions. With so much to offer, the event is sure to be a memorable one for all who attend.

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