Vietnam Musicians’ Association has organised an online music programme themed “Singing over COVID”, introducing songs that praise the fight against the pandemic. Musician Do Hong Quan, President of Vietnam Musicians’ Association, talked about the programme’s significance.

Q: How do you evaluate the role of music in life today, when the pandemic is besieging everywhere?

A: Music is always a sharp and quick weapon that has always accompanied the nation in the cause of national construction.

Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has broken out with complicated and unpredictable developments. Along with the whole Party, army and people, writers and artists around the country have made various significant contributions and new compositions to promptly share and encourage people who are fighting against the epidemic.

Vietnamese musicians continue to closely follow the current situation to compose many songs conveying meaningful messages that act as therapy for people’s souls through music, thus contributing to repelling the pandemic. Music has always played a “pioneering role” on the cultural-artistic front.

Q: In fact, musicians have contributed their voices through music. Can you share more about the activities of the Vietnam Musicians’ Association during this fight?

A: In April 2020, the Vietnam Musicians’ Association launched a campaign on composing songs on COVID-19 prevention and control, receiving over 200 works.

The association has promptly selected 100 quality songs and published a collection titled “Niem tin” (Faith). After that, an online art programme entitled “Niem tin chung ta là nguoi chien thang” (Faith that we are winners) was held. The programme has resonated among society.

When the epidemic’s fourth outbreak began, the Vietnam Musicians’ Association launched the second composition campaign. In a short time, we have received over 400 songs from many authors all over the country, expressing the musicians’ responsibility and enthusiasm towards the battle against COVID-19. The association’s art council selected 20 songs from the over 400 submissions to record and make clips of them for the online programme “Singing over COVID”.

Recently, the Vietnam Musicians’ Association and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour have jointly held a contest themed “Melodies in the front line”. The association is ready to make plans to develop other online music programmes to serve compatriots and soldiers nationwide.

Q: How do you assess the quality of the over 400 songs composed through the campaign?

A: During the social distancing period, musicians and studio technicians have overcome all difficulties and worked hard to create timely musical products for the public.

By working online, musicians compose and then send songs to singers to perform and introduce via social networks. They have significantly contributed to supporting and encouraging the whole army and people in the anti-epidemic cause.

I am really touched and want to give my sincere thanks to the musicians, poets and singers who have coordinated with the association to express the solidarity and consensus of the whole people to win over the pandemic.

Musician Do Hong Quan (Photo: VNA)

Q: Could you share more about the online programme “Singing over COVID”?

A: The first issue of the programme was broadcast in late August and the second one took place on September 3 to celebrate the Vietnam Music Day (September 3).

The programme featured newly composed songs that refer to the many aspects of the fight against the epidemic. Each song has its own nuance. They may be marching or love songs. However, the songs all have the same theme of determination to fight the epidemic with faith in victory.

The recent programme drew the participation of artists from the Military Theatre and the Military University of Culture and Arts, the ensembles of Military Region I and the Border Guard as well as singers Le Anh Dung and Meritorious Artist Nguyen Dinh Tham.

The musicians shared with the audiences their inspiration to compose their works. Through musical works, they together contributed their voices to raise the determination to repel the pandemic.

Q: It is difficult to connect artists and musicians for the online programme, isn’t it?

A: Due to social distancing, it is impossible to gather a large number of people at a studio. We were forced to choose the form of “separating the line-up”. Accordingly, each part was recorded separately and then the materials were synthesised to complete a work. The video-recording activities faced difficulties because we could not shoot scenes in open spaces such as streets and parks. Therefore, the programme featured only scenes of singers performing in studios that were integrated with images of the fight against the epidemic to match the contents of the songs.

In order to have a such programme, I would like to give thanks to musicians who have enthusiastically submitted entries as well as singers and artists around the country for their performances and recordings.

Q: Did you have any compositions on COVID-19 prevention and control?

A: I composed two songs. My first one entitled “Me oi con se ve” (Mom, I’ll be back) was adapted from the poem by Hong Vinh. It was about the mood of a young female doctor who had to ask her mother to take care for her child so she could head to the epidemic centre with the determination to save patients and return home on the day of victory. The song, filled with inner feelings, was performed by signer Bui Trang at the programme.

My second song, “Cung Sai Gon san se yeu thuong” (Sharing love with Saigon) spotlighted my sentiments towards people in isolated and blockaded areas as well as the hearts of people around the country to Ho Chi Minh City through both their material and spiritual sharing and faith in the arduous battle. The song was performed by singer Dao To Loan at a show on August 29.