Mui Ne listed among top ten best beaches worldwide

Mui Ne, in the South Central region of Vietnam, is the only representative from Asia listed in the top 10 best beach vacation destinations in the world as announced by the luggage storage company Bounce.


Mui Ne listed among top ten best beaches worldwide
Mui Ne was assessed by CNN as the kitesurfing mecca of Southeast Asia in 2018. (Photo: VietnamTourism)

As the upcoming holidays are approaching, travel experts from Bounce selected the best beaches around the world to help travellers have wonderful vacations.

The researchers began by choosing 250 of the world’s “most popular, most beautiful and best beaches” from a variety of travel sources, and then narrowing the selection down to 100.

The beaches were evaluated based on the following criteria: water temperature, weather, average hotel price, number of restaurants and bars, and number of Instagram hashtags.

According to Bounce, the highest-ranking beach in Vietnam is at Mui Ne with a score of 5.84, ranking ninth. Out of all the top 10 best beach vacation destinations, Mui Ne is the only one with average hotel prices under 55 USD per night.

Furthermore, Mui Ne has average temperatures of 26.5 degrees Celsius (79.7℉) and possesses hundreds of restaurants to choose from.

Mui Ne has long been a familiar name for tropical sea enthusiasts. CNN assessed Mui Ne as the kitesurfing mecca of Southeast Asia in 2018. Previously, many world travel service websites such as SkyScanner and TripAdvisor ranked Mui Ne in their lists of beautiful beaches of the region.

Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, topped Bounce’s list with 6.97 points thanks to the advantage of the number of restaurants and bars near the beach reaching 11,153. It was followed by Miami, Venice, South Beach and Santa Monica in the US.

The beach at Naama Bay in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, is the sixth-highest rated beach in the world for vacationing with a score of 6.02, followed by Pink Sand Beach on the island of Barbuda in the Caribbean and Barceloneta Beach in Spain.

The last name in the list is Cayo Coco in Cuba, which is characterised by its coral reefs and white sand beaches.

Source: Nhan Dan