The International Institution of Piano Artistry, in collaboration with Wheaton College (USA) and the Milan ‘Verdi’ Conservatory of Music (Italy), recently sponsored a worldwide competition. Contestants had the opportunity to compete in both the Rising Star and Professional categories.

The CIMC preliminary round took place virtually in Vietnam in April 2023. Finalists were then selected to compete in the final round, held in Chicago in July 2023.

Among the finalists was Minh Minh, who successfully secured a place in the competition’s final round in Chicago. Under the guidance of a female professor, Minh Minh underwent four training sessions to refine her vocal techniques and pronunciation in Russian and German.

Expressing her delight and gratitude, Minh Minh said, “After days of practice and competing against participants from around the world, winning third prize in this competition is an immense honor.”

Minh Minh, a talented soprano with exceptional vocal skills, has achieved numerous accolades prior to her successful performance in Chicago. These include second prize at the Vietnam – Russia Friendship Singing Festival, as well as the Solo Gold Prize and Piano Duet at the Asia – Pacific Arts Festival.