Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, musical and cultural events were postponed. With the desire to share music for everyone and create a global concert, pianist Trang Trinh has called on both domestic and international artists as well as music lovers from around the world to join the event “24-hour music marathon”. Accordingly, the global online concert in Vietnam on April 2 was the highlight of the programme.

Talking about “24-hour music marathon”, pianist Trang Trinh said: “We want to cover 24 hours on the Earth with music to connect, share and love together to overcome Covid-19 epidemic.” Currently, the project is inspiring and attracting many people to join. During the online concert on April 2, the artists performed the last chapter titled “Ode to Joy” of the Beethoven’s Symphony No.9”. “8pm is the time that audiences always enjoy art programmes. The chapter “Ode to Joy” was composed by genius musician Beethoven when he was completely deaf. The piece of music symbolises the efforts to overcome adversity and becomes a message of hope for solidarity among people. It has always been performed at many important events to express optimism and a longing for friendship.

Over the past 15 years of performing artistic activities in various countries worldwide, Trang Trinh has developed relations with many artists and proactively called on them to participate in the concert. Participants, both performers and audiences, can join the online event on Facebook thanks to the livestream feature. The project has received the companionship of many domestic artists, including trumpeter Pham The Hoanh, flautist Le Thu Huong, who is living and working in the US, and celloist Phan Do Phuc. Through the programme, pianist Trang Trinh and her colleagues are joining hands to call on all people to play, enjoy and sing. They perform pieces of music to serve audiences and convey messages to motivate all people to overcome the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.

With the online music programme, Trang Trinh and other artists hope that all people can enjoy and play music at home, contributing to reducing social meetings and limiting the spread of the disease. More importantly, people can feel the solidarity and sharing among the community from across the globe because the epidemic is a common problem, not just for a nation or individual alone. The global concert is considered as an opportunity to “hug the earth” thanks to music, sharing and hope so that the common problem will be solved through global cooperation. During the Covid-19 outbreak, all people in the country as well as all nations around the world should further enhance the solidarity.

It can be said that this is the time music can express the people’s deep desire for a peaceful world full of love, dreams and peace. Representing the artists, Trang Trinh believed that the music will overcome the barriers of language, culture, time and geography, bringing joy and creating motivation for all people around the world as well as encouraging them to join hands to address the common problems. With the solidarity and respect for differences, people can edge closer to prosperity not only in material terms but also for the soul.