Khe Kem waterfall: A white silk strip in Pu Mat National Park

Located in the core area of the Pu Mat National Park in Con Cuong district, Nghe An province, Khe Kem waterfall has been hailed by scientists as the most primitive waterfall in Vietnam.

Khe Kem waterfall: A white silk strip in Pu Mat National Park

Local Thai ethnic people call Khe Kem “Bo Bo waterfall”, which means ‘white silk strip’ in their indigenous language.

Falling from a height of 500 metres, the waterfall is separated into three layers by rocks and trees. Looking from the foot of the waterfall, one can feel Khe Kem is like a silk strip squeezing through the mountains and forests.

The waterfall is also home to a diverse variety of flora with hundreds of types of flowers boasting their beauty around the waterfall all year round.


At the foot of the waterfall, flat stones make natural stone tables for visitors to take a short break and admire the beautiful natural landscape. They can also watch fish swimming around in crystal clear water puddles at the foot of the waterfall.

Khe Kem waterfall is an ideal place for visitors to swim and enjoy delicious specialties of Thai ethnic groups, including sticky rice, grilled fish, and barbequed chicken.

Adventure lovers can trek to the top of the waterfall and then hike to Khe Bu valley or Pu Loong mountain, taking from six to eight hours for two-way trip.

The beautiful landscapes and refreshing travel experiences of Khe Kem waterfall have made it an attractive destination for tourists in Nghe An province. Nhan Dan