Kayaking in Ba Hang Village: A leisurely way to discover Quang Ninh’s landscape

Ba Hang Village is well known as an amazing area on Ha Long Bay. It has now become an ideal place for kayaking to discover the natural beauty of Quang Ninh Province.

Kayaking in Ba Hang Village: A leisurely way to discover Quang Ninh’s landscape
Kayaking in Ba Hang village: A leisurely way to discover Quang Ninh’s landscape. (Photo: baoquangninh.com.vn)

It is beautiful to visit Ha Long Bay in autumn, and taking a short tour to Ba Hang will undoubtedly help visitors enjoy their trip to the fullest.

Ba Hang is a calm water area surrounded by high mountains. It was accidentally discovered by local fishermen on their way to look for shelter from a storm. The area boasts charming landscapes and amazing caves.

The fishermen also found other caves which are exposed when the tide goes out. Inside the caves there are large and peaceful spaces with a rich array of aquatic species.

According to the geological research of Ha Long Bay’s Management Board, the name Ba Hang (Three Caves) comes from the fact that small lakes in the area are connected together by the mouths of the three caves.

What attracts tourists the most in Ba Hang is their tranquil beauty, clear and calm seawater, and fresh air. It is even more perfect to discover the area by kayak in autumn.

Located in Hung Thang Ward, Ha Long City, Na Hang is part of the Thien Cung – Dau Go tourist route. Visitors can kayak to the lovely Ba Hang fishing village after concluding their trip to Dau Go cave.

Kayaking in Ba Hang Village: A leisurely way to discover Quang Ninh’s landscape
Beautiful sunset in Ba Hang. (Photo: baoquangninh.com.vn)

The kayaking service in Ba Hang is now managed by Van Chai Con Do Co Tich Cooperative, with a total of 55 good quality kayaks available for rent.

Visitors will receive enthusiastic assistance from local fishermen, who will provide them with basic technical instructions on kayaking.

Tourists are allowed to kayak within a 16 hectare area around Ba Hang fishing village, during which they can row through caves. If they are lucky enough, they will see monkeys climbing on the mountain cliffs during their voyage.

It is recommended kayakers dress in neat clothes, wear life jackets, pack their mobile phones and electronic devices in a waterproof bag, and carefully follow their tour guide’s instructions.

It takes tourists 35 to 60 minutes to thoroughly investigate the Ba Hang area, depending on their selected itinerary on Ha Long Bay. NDO