The live concert will mark the kickoff of the group’s first world tour, titled World Premier: The First Eve Live 2024 Tempest Concert [T-Our: Tempest Voyage].

While most K-pop bands organize their debut live concerts in their home country, Tempest stands out as the first South Korean group to select Vietnam as the maiden destination of its debut world tour.

This will be Tempest’s second visit to Vietnam.

In December of last year, the group performed to thousands of enthusiastic Vietnamese fans at the Ho Chi Minh City International Music Festival, HOZO 2023.

Following their captivating performance, songwriter Huy Tuan and Beyond Entertainment & Communication were chosen to produce the group’s debut concert for their world tour.

Songwriter Tuan expressed his aspirations for the success of Tempest’s debut live concert to contribute positively to the Vietnamese music industry’s growth and facilitate the country’s international integration.

Formed in March 2022, Tempest comprises seven members, including Vietnamese member Hanbin.

Hanbin, a Vietnamese member of K-pop band Tempest. Photo: Supplied

Born in Yen Bai Province, northern Vietnam in 1998, Hanbin, whose real name is Ngo Ngoc Hung, holds a degree in marketing from Thuongmai University in Hanoi.

Since its debut two years ago, Tempest has achieved remarkable success, earning awards for new groups and potential bands at prestigious South Korean music award ceremonies such as Genie Music Awards 2022, Asia Artist Award 2022, Seoul Music Awards 2023, Hanteo Music Awards 2022, and MAMA 2023.

Tickets for Tempest’s live concert in Ho Chi Minh City will go on sale on May 11.