Interprovincial tours allowed in HCM City

From November 1, HCM City will allow residents to travel to other cities and provinces before it completely resumes tourism activities in 2022.


Interprovincial tours allowed in HCM City

Under an urgent plan on restoring the tourism sector while adapting safely to the pandemic by 2022, tourism activities will have a 3-stage roadmap.

In Stage 1, from October 1 to 31, HCM City will reopen local tourism activities in the city (only in green zones). Travelers living and working in HCM City can travel on their own, or go on tours to excursion sites in the city. Accommodation facilities and attractions can operate with a capacity of 50 percent.

In Stage 2, from November 1 to December 31, HCM City will reopen and intraregional and interprovincial tourism under pandemic control levels in localities (mostly in green zones). Intraregional tourists can travel on their own or go in tours, while interprovincial tourists must go in groups.

Accommodation facilities can resume operation with the maximum capacity of 70 percent, while some kinds of services (indoor dining, spas, etc…) may reopen. Attractions can open with the maximum capacity of 70 percent.

In Stage 3, in 2022, all intraregional, interprovincial and international tourism activities in the city will resume with no limitations on types of tourism, scale and sphere in the context of safe adaptation to Covid-19.

The HCM City Tourism department will help districts reorganize sight-seeing tours, accommodation facilities, shopping points and eateries in a way to ensure both safety and quality.

The department will also cooperate with other cities and provinces to develop travel routes and interprovincial safety points, improve the competitive value of domestic travel, and discuss with local authorities the criteria for safety.


Regarding the development of tourism products, the city will improve the quality of destinations depending on pandemic control, and develop closed tourism products targeting excursion points with large open spaces such as Thao Cam Vien and Dam Sen Culture Park, Ao Dai Museum and Suoi Tien Cultural Amusement Park.

HCM City has also announced the new version of the news website to promote tourism at The website allows users to use virtual interactions and seek information about attractions, events and tourism promotion in Vietnam and overseas.

This shows a great effort of the city to be digitized, and apply smart tourism solutions to bring a new lease of life to destinations and inspire people to travel.

HCM City Vice Mayor Phan Thi Thang has asked state agencies to increase the use of images of HCMC’s landscapes in their activities to help promote the city and tourism. 

Tran Chung