Art performances are held during the opening ceremony in an effort to help preserve some of the nation’s traditional culture.

The Ancestral Land Cultural and Tourism Week serves as the highlight of the festival, drawing the participation of many delegations nationwide. It includes performances of Xoan singing, a volleyball tournament, and a trade fair.

The Hung Kings Temple Festival 2024 commemorates the death anniversary of the Hung Kings, which falls on April 18 this year, the tenth day of the third lunar month.

Veterans attend the opening ceremony of the Hung Kings Temple Festival.

The festival proves to be popular among the local people and tourists in attendance.

The festival offers people the chance to respectfully remember the positive legacy of the country’s ancestors and to show their deep gratitude to the founders of the nation and their cultural heritage.

Many locals and tourists are present as they witness the festival’s opening ceremony.

The festival will last through to April 18. It is a way of raising public awareness about the nation’s history whilst passing traditions down through different generations.