Hue cuisine for no more than 50 cents

The central town of Hue, Vietnam’s former imperial capital, is a food paradise where you can buy a delicious dish for US$0.50.

Hue cuisine for no more than 50 cents
A dish with four sticky rice dumplings costs less than US$0.50. VNA/VNS Photo

Oyster rice and noodles, or Cơm Hến, sweet soups, Nam Pho bánh canh (thick noodle soup) and dumplings are among the must-try dishes offered at very low prices.

For a traditional Hue taste for oyster rice, add rousong, pork rind, peanuts, and chili, and mix with slices of star fruit, pickled cabbage and fresh herbs.

Hue is well-known for chè (sweet soup) in various flavours including green beans, fruits and corn, or all mixed together. A bowl costs VND8,000-10,000 ($0.34-0.43).

In the town’s centre, on Tran Hung Dao and Hung Vuong streets, many roadside stalls offer this unique Hue dessert late at night.


Beside Cơm Hến and many sweet soups, Hue also has many kinds of dumplings that visitors should not miss, such as sticky rice dumplings and tapioca dumplings.

With four dumplings to a dish, it is eaten with fish sauce and sliced chili. It costs VND10,000 ($0.43) a plate. – VNS