Up to now, the total number of works submitted to the "Literature ages 20" awards is 2,133. At the seventh event, the highest number of entries was 511 works; especially since most of the authors are around the age of nine. Although there was no first-place prize, two second-place prizes were given to Yang Phan’s works "Vun Ky Uc" and Duy An’s "Nua Loi Chua Noi" which were highly appreciated by experts and readers.

The long story "Vun Ky Uc" was evaluated by writer Nguyen Ngoc Tu as a good, attractive and literary work. Duy An’s collection of short stories "Nua Loi Chua Noi" show the ability to express humour, intelligence, sharpness about an open young world, and contemporary concerns. The work gives a more or less look into some of life’s problems and that is not only the life of people and society but also the life of language and culture.

In addition to the two second-place prizes, the organising board presented two third-place prizes.

Commenting on the outstanding features of young authors participating in the "Literature ages 20" awards, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Van Gia, a member of the final panel, emphasised that now, young writers have dug deep into their own "land", both geographically and spiritually. This is a very promising option. Even some young people living, studying and working abroad have chosen such a position for themselves.

In terms of writing style, it can be divided into two types: tradition and globalisation. The traditional form is the result of attachments and collisions with colourful life in both rural and urban areas, both in our country and abroad. The second type is mainly raised from culture, education, and knowledge, in the professional world. These authors are fluent in foreign languages, and some have studied abroad for many years. They choose to change their artistic thinking and assert their creative personalities, such as Yang Phan or Duy An.

Held for the first time in 1994 with the cooperation of three units: Ho Chi Minh City Writers’ Association, Tuoi Tre Newspaper and Tre Publishing House, the "Literature ages 20" Composition Campaign has now entered its seventh season. Since 2019, Tre Publishing House is the sole organiser and changed its name to the "Literature ages 20" Awards. The highlight of the award is the discovery and naming of a young creative force. More than 50 authors with 63 awarded works have contributed to the literature with considerable value.

Writers such as Nguyen Huong, Nguyen Ngoc Tu, Tran Thi Hong Hanh, Truong Anh Quoc, Nguyen Ngoc Thuan, Phan Viet, Duong Thuy, Phong Diep and Vo Dieu Thanh have continued to assert their pen power, creative personality, and at the same time affirm the vitality of the "Literature ages 20" Awards.

Writer Nguyen Ngoc Thuan once shared that without a contest, he probably didn’t know he could write either.