Hoang Sa Exhibition House

The Hoang Sa Exhibition House in Da Nang displays and stores historical documents, objects and images which prove Viet Nam’s legitimate sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos.

Situated on Hoang Sa road in Son Tra district, the Hoang Sa Exhibition House has a systematic display of documents, and moving and static images about the history, legality, natural geographic and administrative system of the Paracel and the Spratly archipelagos, based on modern multimedia display technology.

Each picture, document, map and artifact displayed at the house is valuable in terms of historical and legal value proving Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly archipelagos. It also has sacred treasures strengthening the pride and the will towards the preservation and protection of the homeland’s islands of over 100 million Vietnamese people living inside and outside the country.

The Hoang Sa Exhibition House in Da Nang.

Visitors are proud to visit the Hoang Sa Exhibition House.

The Paracel sovereignty milestone is recreated solemnly right in the center of the Hoang Sa Exhibition House.

The house features displays of valuable exhibits which re-affirm Vietnam’s legitimate sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago.

Tourists visit the model of a sail boat to the Paracel islands used by Vietnamese people in the 17th century.

The copy of Nguyen Dynasty’s “Chau ban”, a type of administrative documents of high legal value, clearly prescribed the process of performing national sovereignty over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagos.

Templates of different species catched in Hoang Sa.

Template of a fish in the seas surrounding Spratly.

The exhibition house Started construction in December 2015 and was inaugurated in March 2018. Facing the East Sea, the facade of the building is decorated with a pattern presenting the image of a red flag with yellow star under a reflective effect of sunlight. This implies that the country is always looking toward the Paracel and the Spratly archipelagos.

A map of Quang Ngai province in “Thien ha ban do” (Maps of the world), compiled in the Le dynasty (18th century), is displayed at the Hoang Sa Exhibition House.

On display at this house are a large number of images about the activities of Vietnam at the Hoang Sa archipelago over the 1858 – 1945 period.

The house offers visitors a deeper insight into Vietnam’s sacred sovereignty.

The geographical position and natural conditions of the Hoang Sa archipelago during the feudal Nguyen Dynasty over the 1802 – 1945 period.

The house guide introduces the waters and islands which are under Vietnam’s ​sovereignty.

By Thanh Hoa