The campaign will emphasize three key messages, be kind, be tolerant, and be optimistic, the two agencies said in a joint press release the same day.

Kindness is Contagious will be rolled out on social and mass media for the next weeks and will tap into the strengths of adolescents and young people who want to do more to fight anxiety, and who want to share their feelings and aspirations with their networks and peers all over the country.

The goal is to amplify their voices by inviting them to share drawings, videos, and innovative and creative solutions through UNICEF and MOH’s digital platforms.

The campaign is not only about what young people can do during the COVID-19 period, but also about what they may learn and do differently once the situation returns to normal.

The campaign’s key activities will:

– Encourage dialogue with decision-makers, influencers, adolescents, and young people through the mass media (TV and radio talk shows).

– Promote the voices of young people through UNICEF and MOH’s social media platforms involving artists and young people in fostering creative thinking and problem-solving (#long_tot_de_lay Instagram, Facebook).

– Engage with influencers and artists through social media platforms and promote positive messages (#long_tot_de_lay TikToK).

– Amplify messages by adolescent and young champions while promoting sharing and caring for others through mass and social media (human interest stories, photo series, and short videos).

COVID-19 induced movement restrictions and physical distancing could potentially lead to long-term anxiety and mental health issues for everyone.

At the same time, the measures offer an opportunity to strengthen bonds and global solidarity, particularly among young people.

This is relevant today, as well as important should further outbreaks be recorded.

With 70 percent of the population under 35 years of age, Vietnam’s demographic is considered young.

The young represent an inexhaustible source of ideas and creativity, a real driving force for change in the country.

In this health crisis context, the large cohort of young people is an opportunity for them to emerge as a pillar against the spread of the pandemic and misinformation.

UNICEF Vietnam and MOH want to give the young an opportunity to raise their voices and position themselves as leaders to fight anxiety and support one another.

“We are in uncertain and challenging times, where physical distancing leaves us ‘alone’ more than ever,” said Rana Flowers, UNICEF representative in Vietnam.

“There is a growing movement wanting the new normal to learn from the past, to be better and kinder.

“Now more than ever is the time to care and show love and through the campaign, we ask adolescent and young people to undertake acts of kindness.

“Any action, even modest, will have a strong impact on our community to get through the period and emerge stronger together.”  

“With the campaign ‘Kindness is Contagious,’ the Ministry of Health would like to offer the young Vietnamese more opportunities to share their ideas, contribute, and maximize the power and passion of youth to join hands with the community to fight COVID-19,” Nguyen Dinh Anh, director of the ministry’s Department for Communication, Emulation, and Awards.

“Be kind, be tolerant, and spread love so that kindness can be multiplied and widespread in the community.”

From May to June 2020, UNICEF Vietnam in partnership with the Ministry of Health will implement the media campaign to raise awareness, build solidarity, support one another, and be kind among young people as well as the general public.

Young Vietnamese artists and organizations, including singer Min, Ngot music band, rapper/song writer Suboi, fashionista Chau Bui, actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, painter Tamypu, and Nha Nam Publishing and Communication Company are joining hands with UNICEF and MOH to boost the campaign.

TikTok and UN agencies WHO and UNESCO are partnering for the implementation of the campaign.

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