The events included an international exhibit and workshops presenting paintings by Vietnamese children as well as those by their friends from 20 other countries. They also featured a collection by young artist Thao Nguyen of Hoi An ancient town.

This is part of the Toucher Arts project, which comprises a series of concerts, exhibitions, and workshops on Vietnamese culture at schools in France from June 20 to July 3, marking the 50 years of diplomatic relations and the 10 years of strategic partnership between Vietnam and France.

Hosted by Art Space Association, in cooperation with the Vietnam Bretagne Sud Association and APPEL Lorient Association, Toucher Arts contributes to spreading Vietnamese culture to the world and also raising funds to help disadvantaged children and those with disabilities in Vietnam.

The project also organized events at three primary schools and a high school in Nantes and Saint Herblain cities from June 19-23, offering opportunities for French students to know more about Vietnamese culture.

Students experienced folk games such as lion dancing and learned about Vietnamese childhood toys like star lanterns and bamboo dragonflies. They also learned about the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year and participated in making star lanterns and red envelopes for lucky money.

Driss Saïd, vice mayor of Saint Herblain, said he is happy to attend events organized by Art Space, especially as their activities focus on promoting friendly relations between Vietnam and France through cultural activities.

He also expressed his pleasure to have learned more about Vietnam, a country with a special and rich cultural identity.