Flowers of rocks

“Flowers of Rock Plateau”, a photo exhibition by Tran Cao Bao Long, portrays the primitive beauty of nature and life on Dong Van karst plateau in Ha Giang province.

The exhibition, held in Ho Chi Minh City from September 7 to 14, features Tran Cao Bao Long’s 50 photographs which show the gorgeous scenery of Dong Van with immense green mountains and forests embellished with pink peach blossoms and yellow mustard fields. Highlighted in that stunningly beautiful scene are radiant smiles and naive big round eyes on the soiled faces of ethnic children as if hardship and poverty had never touched them.

Tran Cao Bao Long at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The exhibition draws public interest.

Many foreigners visit the exhibition.

Long, who has gone to Dong Van 40 times in the last 15 years, has deep sympathy for the poor ethnic people here, especially children, and wants to help ease their hardships. His photos displayed at the exhibition will be auctioned to raise funds to build a dormitory for 200 students of a lower secondary school in Lung Cu, Dong Van, and improve the meals for poor children in the karst plateau.

A photographer with 30 years of experience, Long has won more than 100 national and international awards and medals.

Tran Cao Bao Long has joined with friends in charity exhibitions, including “Anh Sang Tu Tam” (Light of Kindness) and “Vietnam-Nui rung bien ca” (Vietnam- Mountains and Oceans), to raise funds to build schools in Ha Giang and help poor children who need medical care.

“Nha em o duoi do” (My home is down there).

“Tap viet chu” (Learning how to write).

“Mua xuan cua me” (Spring of mother).

“Tim nhe” (Let’s make a heart symbol).

“Tre em o Lung Tao” (Children in Lung Tao).

“Cau chu nho” (Little master).

“Xuan tren reo cao” (Spring on the mountain).

“Cu cai bua sang” (Mustard root for breakfast).

“The photos by Long and other photographers at the exhibition are historical records, which will stay with the nation throughout its history and development.”

Le Xuan Thang, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists (VAPA)

By Thong Hai