First look at the 2020 Vietnam Grand Prix Hanoi Street Circuit after extra corner added

In 2020 there will be two additions to the Formula 1 race calendar. There will be a Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort and a Vietnam Grand Prix on the streets of Hanoi this coming April. Here are some photos of the Hanoi street circuit that is under construction.


The Hanoi Circuit is a fusion of permanent and street sections of track which initially featured 22 turns and takes inspiration from historic circuits such as Suzuka, Monaco and Nurburgring.

As preparations accelerate for the inaugural Vietnam Grand Prix organizers have revealed an updated layout for their dazzling street circuit – and it features an additional corner at the end of the lap. Credit:

But street circuits bring extra challenges when it comes to layout, as you have to work around existing infrastructure. Following an assessment, the final section of the lap has been reconfigured, with a 23rd corner added and the track widened by around 15m.

So where before the final two corners were previously a quick left followed by a much tighter left, the track now winds further to the right before a tight left followed by another more open left.

The site is still in its early days and the track is still being laid down. From the images, the track looks like it has a lot of potential. It is located right in the city and should look fantastic when it is completed.

It looks like there is a long straight and a swooping long corner which should allow for some good racing when Formula 1 goes to Vietnam in April. Credit: gpblog

According to a report on, the 5.565 km long circuit will have 23 corners and has been inspired from current circuits, Circuit de Monaco, Suzuka Circuit, Sepang International Circuit and the Nürburgring. Therefore it should be an amazing circuit!

“In the course of building our new track, and carrying out geographical assessments, we have adjusted Turn 22 and added Turn 23 in consultation with Formula 1 and the FIA,” said Le Ngoc Chi, CEO of the Vietnam Grand Prix Corporation.

The mixture of straights and twisty corners will make it a challenging track but one that should be very entertaining.

With the race set to take place on April 3-5, the Grand Prix’s promoters have confirmed that the track is on course for completion in early January. Credit:

It is hoped the new layout will foster entertaining racing and exciting overtaking. “We have a long stretch, which at 1.6km is one of the longest stretches on the calendar, and will see cars reach up to 335km/h,” added Chi.