The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism assigned the Cinema Department to coordinate with the National Cinema Centre, Da Nang City Department of Culture and Sports and relevant agencies to make preparations for this event.

Twenty-six films were chosen for being screened during the week such as ‘Bang chung vo hinh’ (Invisible Evidence), ‘Bo gia’ (Dad, I’m sorry), ‘Gai gia lam chieu V’ (Camellia Sisters), ‘Mat biec’ (Dreamy Eyes), ‘Rom’, and ‘Tiec trang mau’ (Blood Moon Party).

The 22nd edition of the Vietnam Film Festival will take place from November 18-20 in the central province. This will be the first time the Vietnam Film Festival is held in virtual form.

The festival will introduce 128 films by 42 units, including 26 feature films, 56 documentaries, 15 science films, and 31 cartoons.

This year’s event will feature two new awards, one for a feature film with the best cinematography, and the other for outstanding debut by a director.