The song was composed by musician Nguyen Quang Long and its music video was finished within three days.

“Seeing the doctors, nurses and soldiers sleeping outside to make room for the quarantined, I was overwhelmed with emotion, motivating me to write the song in just one night,” Long said.

Tieu Diet Corona consists of two parts – the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam and preventive measures. Its lyrics are about the unity among Vietnamese in the fight against the epidemic: “Entrepreneurs join efforts / Artists work together / People combine efforts / Be vigilant / Preventing the epidemic everywhere / When Corona appears / Together we will destroy it.”

The song maximises the strength of the percussion rhythm with Hue royal court music, which is blended with the humour and bustle of cheo (popular opera) and rap. Artists Mai Tuyet Hoa and Van Phuong are the main performers with support of artists Nguyen Quang Long, Pham Trang, Pham Dung and Ngoc Xuan.

Xam is a centuries-old singing style of the Vietnamese people. It was popular in the northern region and has long been recognised as an important part of national cultural heritage. A xam band includes a singer and two to four instrumentalists.

Xam Ha Thanh was founded in 2009 by musical researcher Nguyen Quang Long and artist Mai Tuyet Hoa, a student of xam artisan Ha Thi Cau in 2009. The group gathers many talents such as Van Hai (Vietnamese two-chord fiddle), Pham Trang (monochord), Tran Hau (bamboo flute).

In addition to reproducing many popular songs that have fallen into oblivion, the group also create new tunes, targeting young audiences and have participated in many local and foreign programmes.