Exploring an inland Ha Long Bay in Tuyen Quang

Na Hang Lake in the northern province of Tuyen Quang has been dubbed “Inland Ha Long Bay” in the mountainous region and has become popular among domestic travellers.

Exploring an inland Ha Long Bay in Tuyen Quang
Tourists kayak around the lake. VNA/VNS Photos Quang Dan

Located 110km north of Tuyen Quang City, the lake is the meeting place of the Gam and Nang rivers.

The lake is scattered with nearly 100 mountains creating an imposing landscape.

The lake covers a total area of 8,000ha, which is like a giant mirror reflecting sunlight in the turquoise water.

Exploring an inland Ha Long Bay in Tuyen Quang
Coc Vai Mountain, an iconic image of the area. The name in local language means “a pilar to tie up a buffalo” recalling a legend of a giant hero, who tied up his buffalo here to build a dam to store water for the villagers.

Tourists can experience fishing, cooking by the lake, camping, driving bamboo boats and kayaking.

When it gets dark, the lake reflects the lights from the floating boats of fishermen. Tourists can watch fishing at night and enjoy the sunrise early in the morning.

Exploring Khuoi Nhi Waterfalls is a highlight in the area.

Exploring an inland Ha Long Bay in Tuyen Quang
Khuoi Nhi Waterfalls.

To reach the waterfalls, tourists need to take a ship to the forest in the middle of the lake.

Then, they have to trek 3km from the ship dock to the peak where the waterfalls start.


Along the way, one can explore the plants of Na Hang primitive forest.

Exploring an inland Ha Long Bay in Tuyen Quang
Pac Ta Temple at the site. VNA/VNS Photos Quang Dan

The best season to climb up the mountain is between May and June when the lake water is clearer than ever after the heavy rains of summer and the waterfalls run strongly with natural water from the mountain.

The Tourism Site Management Board has made staircases for trekkers. The primitive plants and trees are well-preserved.

A special reward for people climbing up the mountain is getting massaged by small fish in the stream. The small fish, which can endure strong currents, have a special form with pointed head, thin body and a big mouth to suck underwater plants or cliffs.

Exploring an inland Ha Long Bay in Tuyen Quang
The site hosts various groups of ethnic minority groups like Red Dao, Nung, Pa Then and Cao Lan.

They eat mainly moss and ephemera. When tourists put their legs in the water, the fish will gently bite dead skin, which is like a natural massage.

Na Hang Tourism website states the tour to Khuoi Nhi Waterfalls ranges from VND300,000 – 700,000 (US$13-30) depending on the seasons including all kinds of sports, travel costs and tourism insurance.

Tuyen Quang City is located more than 130km to the northeast of Hanoi. VNS