On the occasion, the full collection of 12 ceramic boots created by the late People’s Artisan Vu Thang, will be displayed to the public for the first time (a partial showcase took place in the Dep Fashion Show in 2011).

It can be said that the invaluable legacy of contemporary Vietnamese art was inspired by Italian fashion.

The powerful creativity, unique skills and delicate ceramic techniques of Artisan Vu Thang, one of only two People’s Artists of Bat Trang ceramic village, are exquisitely represented through the image of a boot embroiled with traditional Vietnamese motifs.

Late People’s Artisan Vu Thang with a Bat Trang ceramic boot

Talented craftsmanship from a 700-year-old Vietnamese village and the unique taste for beauty and style of Italy, the “boot-shaped country”, have much in common despite their geographical distance.

They are both expressions of people’s creativity and skillfulness and are deeply connected to each country’s traditions and cultural heritage.

The exhibition acts as an artistic bridge between Vietnam and Italy as classical Vietnamese elements, such as ceramic motifs and enamel colors, blended with Italian elegance and style, thus making every ceramic work an extraordinary piece of art.

The Bat Trang Museum was established thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of Artisan Vu Thang after nearly 50 years of working with pottery.

On this occasion, the museum will launch the website battrang.museum, a digital information platform about contemporary ceramic art in Vietnam in general, and Bat Trang traditional ceramic village in particular.