Dong Trieu Town, home of dynastic relics and a green economy

Seeking to become one of Quang Ninh Province’s four tourist hubs, Dong Trieu Town is focusing on developing spiritual tourism services, and promoting socioeconomic development based on a green economy and environmental protection model.

dong trieu town home of dynastic relics and a green economy

Dong Trieu Town’s main features are its traditional cultural festivals

Exploiting heritage sites

Dong Trieu Town is known as the original homeland of the Tran Dynasty, one of the most prosperous dynasties in Vietnam’s feudal history. It now has 120 relic sites and landscapes, of which 24 are already listed.

Dong Trieu is pushing implementation of three strategic breakthroughs associated with innovation of growth, economic restructuring, and transformation to a new green mode of operations. The strategy has yielded tangible results.

The town has formed two spiritual tourism routes and developed seven spiritual tourism destinations, attracting a large crowd of visitors.

In order to exploit the local heritage sites in a sustainable manner, leaders of Dong Trieu Town have directed that spiritual tourism development be based on preservation of traditional cultural value, and more efficiency in tourism promotion. In 2019, the town coordinated with sectors and agencies to call for investment, especially from the private sector, in building traffic infrastructure for better connection among the relic sites and for their restoration, as well.

dong trieu town home of dynastic relics and a green economy

Local tourism is experiencing rapid development

Concern about commercialization

Dong Trieu is expected to welcome 1.1 million travelers in 2019, 430,560, equal to 40 percent, drawn by Tran Dynasty sites. This year’s total tourism sector revenue is estimated at VND145 billion.

As spiritual tourism attracts more tourists, many localities are concerned about commercialization at spiritual tourism destinations. Nguyen Thanh Tung, head of the Culture and Information Department of Dong Trieu Town, said it is difficult to prevent negative impacts at local tourist sites due to lack of awareness by tourism staff, local residents and tourists; limited management capacity over local tourism development; and weakness in handling violations.

To attract tourism, Nguyen Thanh Tung said Dong Trieu will take a proactive approach in training human resources, exploit tourism routes and destinations reasonably, consult experts on the development strategy for local tourism, and apply preferential treatment and incentive schemes to attract highly-qualified human resources.

Dong Trieu is focusing on developing tourism in a modern and efficient way, aiming to become a spearhead

economy, with spiritual tourism, traditional craft villages and countryside ecotourism identified as the town’s

major development orientations for the near future.

Hoa Quynh