Coc Pai rural market – a unique tourism product in Ha Giang

Ha Giang impresses visitors not only with the majestic scenery of the mountains and terraced fields but also with the unique features of its rural markets.


Coc Pai rural market in Xin Man district, which opens every Sunday, is an ideal destination for visitors to the mountainous province.

Xin Man, located in the Northwest of Ha Giang province, is one of the poorest districts with rough paths.

Coc Pai rural market is an opportunity for the ethnic minority people to purchase local specialties such as agricultural products, livestock, poultry, specialty vegetables, fresh fruits and medicinal plants.

Coc Pai rural market – a unique tourism product in Ha Giang

The landmark in the district’s centre has become a place for local people to sell their products.

Green vegetables grown by the locals are sold at the market.

Crowded activities at Coc Pai rural market

Roosters and hens raised by H’Mong ethnic minority people sold at the market

Mountainous products sold at the market.


While selling products, H’Mong women embroider.

H’Mong girls, wearing traditional costumes, chatting at the market.

Children are taken to the market.

The H’Mong elderly talking at the rural market.

Locals selecting products serving agricultural production

Visitors are eager to see the products provided by the ethnic minority people.

Nhan Dan