‘Cha tom’: A delicious dish of Thanh Hoa

Anyone who eats Cha tom nuong (grilled shrimp rolls), a delicious dish of Thanh Hoa Province, will never forget its distinctive flavour.

‘Cha tom’: A delicious dish of Thanh Hoa

Cha tom’ (grilled shrimp rolls): A delicious dish of Thanh Hoa Province (Photo: Vietnam Pictorial) 

The sea in Thanh Hoa Province is the home to 12 species of shrimp which have high nutritious and economic value. Their meat is firm and tasty so the locals use it to prepare different delicious dishes, including grilled shrimp rolls.

To make the dish, fresh shrimp are peeled and pounded to become pasty. Sauté the half-fatty and half-lean pork before slicing into thin pieces. Then mix the prepared pork with shrimp paste, pig’s nape fat cubes and chopped fresh rice noodles.

Add the mixture with chopped dried garlic and onion and a dash of fish sauce, pepper and a little Gac fruit (Momordicaco chinchinensis) before stir-frying over high heat. The stuffing is then rolled on small sheets of fresh rice noodles before being grilled over hot charcoal.


The dish is best served with sweet and sour sauce, basil and pickled sung fruit (Ficusracemosa).

Nhan Dan/VNA