Bao Dai Waterfall: a forgotten gem

Bao Dai Waterfall is a charming natural venue hidden in a forest in Ta Hine Commune, Duc Trong District in Lam Dong Province. It is easy to access the waterfall from National Highway 28B connecting Duc Trong with Binh Thuan.

A view of Bao Dai Cascade

Bao Dai is just one name of the waterfall as it is also called Jraiblian by Churu ethnic people living there, which means high rock waterfall. King Bao Dai (1913-1997), the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), often stopped off at the cascade to take a rest during his hunting trips. That is the reason why it was named after the king.

The waterfall has been attached to a legend of Churu ethnic group. Churu people have a legend that in the old days, Zuwar and his nephew Stak were hungry because they had nothing after their fishing trip. When the sun went down, they found a big egg in a cave near a stream. They boiled the egg for their dinner. Stak was the first to eat the egg. But he soon felt itchy all over. Zuwar immediately returned to their village to seek help. However, when he came back to the cave, Stak totally turned into a giant crocodile. Villagers killed the crocodile by giving it many foods. Finally, it died. Water from the cascade flowing through its tongue created a sound which was so wonderful that attracted villagers over to listen to the sound until they died. Then, their body turned into rocks at the foot of the cascade. Now, there still are many big rocks at the foot of cascade. 

A tourist taking a photo of the majestic cascade

Travelers to the site often spend time observing the mesmerizing cascade and age-old trees covering cliffs along the path leading to the foot of the waterfall. They have to weave their way through such cliffs to get to the foot of the fall. However, the scenery along the path is so spectacular that it prompts most of travelers to take as many photos as they can. Visitors can as well listen to birds singing and take delight in fresh air in the pine forest they are in.

The three cascades of the waterfall racing down look like three white silks. The sun sometimes shines through water drops, creating rainbows. What a marvelous view!