It is the first flute CD by a Vietnamese artist and was produced and released in the US.

Le Parys Fantasies includes 7 works, including works familiar to Vietnamese music lovers such as: Claude Debussy: La fille aux cheveux de lin (The girl with the flaxen hair); Francois Borne: Fantasie Brillante (on Themes from Bizet’s Carmen).

Born into a musical family, Le Thu Huong began her flute education at the age of eight and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, a master’s degree in music from the Vietnam National Academy of Music, and a Doctorate in Flute Performance at the University of North Texas, the US.

Le Thu Huong is currently a lecturer at the Department of Percussion, Vietnam National Academy of Music and flute conductor of the Hanoi Symphony Orchestra.

The Le Parys Fantasies vinyl cover.

She always aims for a diverse and colourful performance style in music from classical to contemporary, especially in the transmission of the Eastern music spirit in general or the Vietnamese traditional music spirit in particular through the classical Western flute.

Loving the intersection of cultures, Thu Huong has been implementing many cultural exchange projects between Vietnam and the world through activities and music performances. She was honoured to perform at the famous Carnegie Concert Hall in New York City in 2019 where she won first prize at the American Protégé International Competition.

In the field of performance, Le Thu Huong was the flute artist invited to participate in the most solo shows in Vietnam alongside domestic and international orchestras.

She shared that the sound always clearly show the value and a frequency of vibration as it is resounded. Comparing her life to a symphony with many chapters and colours, in the next chapter she wants to play in Vietnam and bear the imprint of her homeland.