A Da Lat in the central region

Tay Giang District in Quang Nam Province is dubbed a version of Dalat City in the central region due to its all-year-round cool climate

A Da Lat in the central region
Tourists pose for a photo in front of Co Tu ethnic people’s stilt house – PHOTOS: COURTESY OF TUAN THI TRAVEL

Tay Giang, at more than 1,500 meters above sea level, boasts vast primary forests. Aside from its untapped natural scenery, the location has many more pleasant things to offer: catching fishes from streams, swimming in streams and making a campfire, to name but a few.

Local features

Tay Giang is home to Co Tu ethnic people. A trip to location enables travelers to know more about Co Tu ethnic culture and local people’s rustic life on a visit to their village with stilt houses and stories about their formation.

At night, local residents and travelers gather around campfire to enjoy gong performances and Tung Tung Ya Ya traditional dance while drinking warm Can wine.

Moreover, tourists should not miss local specialties such as com lam (rice steamed in bamboo tube), special grilled sticky rice cake wrapped in leaves in shape of horn, honey cake, and many more. 

On top of Que Mountain

A Da Lat in the central region

A view of Tay Giang District

Another highlight of the trip is Que Mountain which is one of the most beautiful mountain in Quang Nam Province.

The top of it is always covered by white clouds. Those reaching the mountain peak in early morning could enjoy the charming view of the sunrise and morning mist.

Most of tourists may gain unforgettable experiences when living in harmony with nature and indigenous people during the trip. SGT

Thanh Vuong