Accordingly, the best authors/author groups will be selected to participate in a short course on filmmaking in the US.

This is a contest organised by the Film Development Association (VFDA) in collaboration with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and K+ units. The contest aims to attract young people who love cinema to submit film ideas and projects to select the best authors/author groups to attend a filmmaking course in the US.

Since its launch in 2020, the organising board has received 41 ideas/projects. The prequalification committee has selected 10 projects to bring to the pitching round. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the presentation of ideas for these 10 best projects could not be carried out and had to be postponed untol this year.

“Death goes on”, a project by Nguyen My Anh and Tran Phuong Trang.

The film projects have rich themes such as psychology, food, love, family love, action, fantasy, and sci-fi. The authors are mostly at a very young age, some of whom have already gained experience in film projects, with some even having worked on movie projects or having published fantasy novels.

The jury includes famous experts, filmmakers and producers, such as Stephen P. Jenner – Director of Communications in the Asia-Pacific Region for the Motion Picture Association International of the US; Ngo Thi Bich Hanh – Vice President of Binh Hanh Dan Company Limited (BDH); Phan Dang Di – writer, director, and producer; Charlyn Ng – producer of IFA Media Company; and Trinh Thi Thuy Lien – Content Director-VSTV (K+).

Ngo Thi Bich Hanh, a member of the jury, shared that many of the projects showed the love of cinema, and most importantly, the love for the national culture of the participating authors.

Dr. Ngo Phuong Lan, Chairwoman of the Vietnam Association of Film Promotion and Development (VFDA), said that she hopes the competition will discover new talents for Vietnamese cinema. The competition is also an opportunity for young people to have the opportunity to interact and learn from experts of the US and Vietnam, as well as learn from each other.