May Festival: Musical and dance performances to celebrate Uncle Ho’s birthday

    A series of artistic functions themed “May Festival” will take place in various venues throughout the city from 19 to 23 of May, according to an instruction of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sport sent to relevant municipal departments and units recently.

    Hanoi will hold a series of event in May to exciting atmosphere to welcome major festivities and events of the capital and the country. Photo: Kinh te & Do thi.

    “The show are aimed at promoting national self-esteem among Hanoians; showcasing the deep respect and gratitude of the city’s people from all walks of life for President Ho Chi Minh’s great merits; and creating a joyful as well as exciting atmosphere to welcome major festivities and events of the capital and the country,” the department noted.

    These art shows, besides being interpreted by professional artists, will gather amateur actors and actresses, public servants, employees, soldiers, war veterans and students who live in Hanoi. They will perform repertoires of music and dance individually, in duet, trio, top choir, chorus, independent dance, solo or instrumental concert, among others.

    Notably, topics of the shows will show the beauty of the country and the people of Vietnam, acclaiming the “Hanoi Heroic Capital”, the “City for Peace” and the “Creative City of Hanoi”, expressing the deep affection and gratitude of Vietnamese people to the Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh, and appreciating great achievements of Hanoi city and the whole nation in the progress of national building and development.

    The department encourages relevant units to organize art shows in commune or districts throughout the city, and in this way, disseminate the contents of the 13th National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels, term of 2021-2026. 

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