Hanoi Library to organize book festival

    Taking place from April 15-17 at the Hanoi Library, Hanoi’s book festival features various activities including an artistic book installation, talk shows about book and reading culture; knowledge competitions on Hanoi’s history and culture, the National Assembly of Vietnam through the periods and National Assembly elections; a painting competition themed “Hanoi: city for Peace”; and exploring the newly launched space of “Dream plus library”, among others.

    The book festival aims at praising reading movement in the community, especially children. Photo: Minh An.

    Especially, an exhibition commemorating the 110th anniversary of Uncle Ho’s departure to find the national salvation way (1911-2021) with 600 valuable documents will also be held.

    Speaking at the opening of the book festival, Deputy Director of Hanoi Library Vuong Thi Ly emphasized: “This is an opportunity to honor the value of books, affirm book’s position in the socio-economic development the nation. It is also a chance for people to praise and honour the writers and those who are working in the field of book publishing, collection and archieve.”

    This book festival aims at praising reading movement in the community, raising awareness of the people about the great significance and importance of reading culture as an inevitable way for social development since it enhances people’s knowledge, experience, thinking and education.  

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